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  • Effective Training Anywhere Anytime

    Over the past 13 years eITPrep has been quietly helping schools and companies deliver flexible, efficient online training solutions to their students, employees and customers. The reason for our success - simple - we offer a very high degree of quality for the price we charge.

    Our hosted training solutions are much less expensive to set up and operate than the big LMS systems you may have looked at. We're also a lot more user-friendly to work with and operate than freeware LMSs you may have heard about.

    When you compare what we have to offer to other LMS providers we’re sure you’ll choose eITPrep as your online training partner.

  • Learning Management Systems and Much More!

    We construct our Learning Management Systems from the ground up so they can provide the features that are specific to your training needs. We don't offer one size fits all LMSs here. We create Enteprise systems for professional training environments and Educational systems for traditional learning environments.

    If you need an LMS for your business training needs Click here.

    To check out our Educational LMS solutions Click here.

  • We Do Online Testing!

    Our online assessment system delivers exams for company pre-employment testing, advancement testing and skills gap analysis.

    Create simple or complex exam items that include images and multimedia elements.

    Optionally randomize questions and pull from a question bank of mandatory and pool questions. 

    Elaborate proctoring features are available as well as an automated "auto-proctoring" option. Remotely enable an exam and the timer starts when the user logs in.  

    For more information, contact us at: info@eitprep.com

  • We Do Curriculum Too!

    Everyone knows that the real key to training is curriculum. We create world class technical trainig theory and hands on materials. Let us design training specifically for your needs or choose one of our exsiting outstanding training courses.

    Check out our newest curriculum titles:

    • Cyber Security
    • Robotic Systems

    Or try our outstanding PassIT titles to prepare for professional IT certification exams:

    • A+ Certification PassIT
    • Nework+ Certification PassIT
    • Security+ Certification PassIT

    Talk to us about creating custom theory materials, hands-on lab materials and assessment tools to meet your training needs.

    This Is Not Your Old CMS/LCMS/LMS System

    Our new Content Management/Learning Content Management/Learning Management System is about to launch. If you are looking for an LMS to put your training materials online, or if you've had enough of the system you already have, contact us to see what we're up to. Our new system brings the latest online features to you in a very powerful tool that is easy to use.


    Looking for Cyber Security materials? We've got them coming your way on the fast track. Cyber Security is one of the hottest topics around and we're busy producing an array of Physical and Cyber Security materials to meet the demand.