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Gradebook Reporting


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Our educational LMS provides a powerful gradebook for each virtual classroom. Use the gradebook to manage attendance, track competencies, student progress and, of course, assessment scores.

As your students progress through their coursework, their test and quiz results automatically populate their gradebook.

Gradebook items can be weighted and an overall average reported.

Print an indivudal Report Card for any student or print out a Class Report.

You can use the Parental Password function to grant access to parents so they can track their student's grades online. 

Exams can be scheduled for delivery by date, chapter completion or course completion prerequisites.  

Easily track your students' progress and identify problem areas quickly. 



Competency Tracking


Track manually demonstrated competencies in our flexible gradebook.  Competencies can be examined so that the student knows which skills must be demonstrated.  Compentencies may be prerequisites to further training or just gradebook items and be either graded or pass/fail.