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Question Selection

Exams can be constructed from question banks that you create or from some of the many test banks offered by eITPrep.  See our Self-Study Courses for more information on available test banks.  Test banks are available for many of the courses we offer. 

Exams can be created so they pull from a larger "pool" of questions and randomized so that no two exams are alike.  Using a large pool of questions ensures your exam is secure and unpredictable.

Alternatively, you can create a static exam that is identical each time it is given. You're in control.  


Questions can be organized by objective so that exams can offer a predictable mixture of questions by objective.  Assign a percentage for each objective and the exams are created automatically. 

Questions can be designated "pool" or "mandatory" questions. Mandatory questions enable you can ensure that certain questions appear on every exam when you wish.  

Our question analysis tools to determine which questions are missed too often, aren't missed "enough", or are missed by the wrong set of students.