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Classrooms and Courses

Create classrooms on your virtual campus using your own content, our content or a mixture of both.  It's simple to include one of our courses or you can author your own using our powerful content authoring system.  Our extensive catalog of course material includes both courseware and exam banks that you can customize to meet your needs. 

Each course contains end of chapter quizzes and you can require a passing mark in these chapters for the student to advance to the next chapter or you may leave the course wide-open.  Pre-testing products can allow a student to challenge certain courses so the are focusing on the areas they need most. 

Course material can include graphics, multimedia and interactive features designed to keep the student engaged. You can require certain actions or responses for the student to advance to the next page have the student view related material or presentations as they navigate a chapter. 

Exams can be created from scratch or imported from one of our existing question banks. Exams items are randomized so that no two individuals see the same questions in the same order. You can have the exam engine pull items randomly from the question pool or deliver designated mandatory questions if you wish - you are in control. 

Classroom Setup