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Corporate Training Solutions

We’re not new to the corporate training environment. We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in industry to get their employees, associates and subcontractors where they needed to be.

We helped launch the Geek Squad at Best Buy

We helped Intel get their associates up to speed with their Viiv program

And we helped Sears assess their sub contractors' readiness when they were planning to roll out their smart home product line. 

The reason for our success - we offer the most flexible LMS solutions available. We’ve built it from the ground up so we can provide the features you need to get your job done.


Custom Content




Cost and Time Saving Options


*Skills gap analysis, Pretesting and Dynamic Course Adjustment (based on feedback from the pre-testing function ) options minimize the cost and time allotment of your resources to training.

*Granular backend reporting systems tailored to your needs.

*Hosted delivery and support to minimize the impact of training on your existing network system and IT staff. This saves you money and time.

Seemless Integration



For more information, contact us at: info@eitprep.com