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Testing and Assessment

Chapter Quizzes

Courses can include quizzes that can optionally provide remediation to ensure the student understands what they missed and moves on only when they have mastered the material.  Multiple choice and true-false questions may include graphics or even multimedia and are graded automatically. You can control how many attempts the student may have to pass a chapter before seeking instructor involvement. 

Exam Banks

eITPrep offers a large selection of exam banks that you can utilize in your exams.  You can simply include an exam bank and a randomized test will be created for each student from a large pool of questions distributed by objectives or you can import certain questions or entire objectives and create your own question pool.  You may also import exams from ExamView, Blackboard, or comma or tab delimited files. 

Exam Authoring

You can easily create your own questions and exams using our exam authoring tool.  Include graphics or multimedia and have control over how the exam is administered (questions per page, allowing or disallowing random navigation of the exam, time allotment and much more). Complex formatting is possible with our WYSIWIG editor so you can include elaborately formatted data in your questions.  Organize your questions by objective and identify your students' strengths and weaknesses with ease.

Remote Video Proctoring

With our new VClassrooms module you can securely administer your assessments remotely and still feel like you are all in the same location.