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Classroom Training and Management Systems

Let us build you a classroom version of our easy to use Learning Managment System (LMS) to deliver your theory materials - administer quizzes, tests and other assesssments  - and handle your grading, attendance, competency tracking and communication functions in a traditional classroom setting.

The classroom version of our LMS is practically effortless to implement and use. Just use our four step setup process and then let the system work for you throughout the rest of the term. Under most scenarios, you will only need to use one Gradebook button to monitor and use student when you need to.

Or, implement a low-cost Flip Classroom environment for your instructional needs. Have your students work through theory materials remotely and only bring them into your brick and mortar location when it is time for Q & A sessions, remediation and hands-on exercises.


Virtual Classrooms

Add the new VClassrooms feature to the LMS and open up a powerful Distance Learning platform to your classroom. VClassroom adds three Instructor Led Training modes to the LMS:

  • Basic Presentation Mode - The Instructor(s) and Students share the virtual classroom space in real time with full video and audio capabilities. You have full control over what your students see from your desktop. Session or parts of sessions can be recorded for download, review, reuse or archival purposes.
  • Guided Lecture Mode - Swith the VClassroom environment into Guided Lecture Mode and bring your curriculum presentation into the room along with you and your students. You have full video and audio along with control of your instructional materials. Embed interactivity objects into your curriculum flow to keep students keyed in as your presentation progresses. The LMS side of the system keeps track of their interactions and can track it through the Gradebook or summarize it for your review.
  • Video Protor Mode - Switch VClassrom into exam mode and proctor your students remotely with full control of each student's exam as they take it - just like being in the classroom on Test Day. 

 Get the most out of your teachers and facilities. For more information, contact us at: info@eitprep.com