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Around the world, the IT industry is looking for qualified people to fill the hundreds and thousands of empty IT job openings. Our IT recruiter/sponsors are looking for you.
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IT Talent Seekers

As a talent seeker in today's IT marketplace, you only want view the most qualified candidates.

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IT Professionals

We offer IT professionals the opportunity to market themselves through experienced IT recruiters.

At the same time you need to reduce your hiring costs. At Marblejar, we offer you the ability to do both. Here's how:

  • Marblejar lets you post your jobs for free.
  • You get full access to our resume database.
  • You pay nothing unless you hire a candidate presented by Marblejar.

Marblejar also allows you to keep your contact information confidential so that you can control who views your personal information.

Our posting process is very short and simple: all resumes can be easily uploaded in an HTML file. This saves you time and allows you focus on more important tasks.

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