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A good Lab Guide can turn an average Certification prep into a high level learning experience. Research has shown that the best qualified candidates fof succssfully completing a certification exam of any type is someone who has hands on experience with the subject matter. Lab experience is one method of gaining this experience.

The eITPrep Lab Guides offer material resource listings, lab-specific review questions, and fill-in tables in addition to structured hands-on procedures to provide a complete learning experience.

We have Lab Guides available in both printed and pdf ebook formats. Choose the format that works best for you.
70-270 Windows XP Professional Hands On Lab Guide
This is a fully developed pdf Lab Guide on a CD-ROM with 34 Hands on lab procedures to support the theory material required for the 70-270 Windows XP exam.
S/H: $5.00

Maintaining and Repairing PCs Lab Guide
Hands-on Lab Guide for Maintaining and Repairing PCs
This hands on Lab Guide provides the reader with real PC maintenance activities to insure that the reader can perform routine activities expected from a professional working in the PC repair environment.
S/H: $10.00

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