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Our eITPrep ebooks are pdf versions of our regular ILT, PassIT and Lab Guide books. They are available on CD for much less than the cost of the same printed book. We don't have to kill any trees and the shipping cost is much less for a CD. The savings are yours.
70-270 Windows XP Professional ILT Exam Guide and Lab Guide ebook Set
Author: Pat Barton Boston University
70-270 Exam Guide Courseware for Instructor Led Delivery environment. The books are organized by learning objectives and are correlated to the required MCSE/MCSA objectives. Exam tips helps students get ready for the test. Study Strategy Tips help students focus and study more efficiently. Review Questions at the end of each chapter allows students to gauge retention of key information. Includes separate Lab Guide with 34 Hands on Lab procedures to support the Theory manual. Also includes full electronic Instructors Resource Kit with Schedules, Answers, and Power Point Slides. eITPrep Corporation. Copyright: 2004, Format: PDF on CD-ROM; 626 pp, Published: 04/09/2003
S/H: $5.00

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