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Certification prep books are the main study tool for most people preparing to take an IT certification exam, and we offer the best collection of IT test prep books anywhere at the best prices -- just choose your IT track and make a selection!

We offer Printed book in concise PassIT format as well as full length full size versions for Instructor Led Training (ILT) environments. We also offer these books in PDF ebook format which can save you lots of money. The ebook versions of our books are identical to the printed versions, but no trees were involved.

PassIT books are concise, no nonsense exam prep books that have lots of exam prep questions and scenario-based challenges to get you ready for the exam. ILT books exist as separate Theory and Lab manuals and include Instructor's manuals and Power Point slide presentation packages.

Bundle one of our ebooks or ILT sets with a test voucher and get great savings. Check these out:
For real value get our ebooks. These PDF versions of our printed books provide the same study materials without the paper. All you need is a computer with a CD-ROM drive to view them. These books are full color and can be searched electronically for easy referencing. The fact that you can save money by selecting these tools isn't bad either.
Printed Books
Our printed books are excellent.
The ILT Exam Guide books are designed primarily for use in an instructor led environment. they are hard covered for durability and wear. They include all the pedagogy to prepare for the exam and for the job it leads to. These books are packaged with a separate Lab Guide to provide hands on training to complement the theory and test material presented in the Exam Guide.

The PassIT books are concise books that focus on the materials relavent to getting ready for the certification exam. These books are soft covered and have been created in a smaller 6 by 9 format.
Lab Guides
There are plenty of IT certification books on the market, but did you ever notice how few hands on Lab Guides there are? Some books include little hands on inserts that use a few key strokes to emphasize a point. Our Lab Guides are separate, self-contained books that offer real hands on training segments that can be used with anyone's theory material.
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